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Inkjet Cutting Series Hemax-170 H8max-190 1700mm 1900mm Inkjet Series Ithmax-170 H6max-1190 H6max-220 1700mm 1900mm 2200mm Man-machine interface: touch screen, intuitive and easy to understand The national new apperance patent design, more novel, beautiful and unique. Servo motor drive, high precision, low noise, long life Maximum speed: ink jet 9Onf/h The new curved surface structure design, paper perfect fit, cutting, printing effect is more perfect. Associated with the ink frame design, more humane Independent double pressure wheel structure, more accurate Han-Bond blade holder: 12 adjustable stalls, fast and convenient • Han-Bond blade: Japanese custom made diamond blade, service life is 3-10 times of the ordinary blade Automatic paper cutting: one key cuts paper, fast and convenient Print marker and cut samples of a dual-purpose machine , can print pictures, text, white paper, kraft paper, perfect cutting and printing Cutting thickness:60g-300g, cutting thickness is leader in the industry Windows drive printing, do as what you want, print as what you see Compatible with domestic and foreign apparel CAD software Compatible cartridges: HP45 general ink box, 2PCS Input interface: USB 2.0 Double feeding system (white paper and kraft paper) Power supply 50/60HZ 110/220V 220W


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