Cutting & Spreading

Cutting and Spreading Machines for all kinds of garment industry adjusted to our Client's needs. Top-quality machinery with proper consultancy and Maintenance Management means the right solution for your industrial growth.

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    - Dynamic Vaccum System
    - Lowest AvG. Power Consumption
    - Automatic Self Lubrication
    - Auto-Self Blade Cooling
    - Pneumatic Head Cover lift

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    - All Siemens Electronics
    - Brushless Motors
    - Electronically Controlled Tension
    - Electronic Patented Cradle

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    Multiplicity of

    - Garment Industry
    - Automotive Industry
    - Home Furnishings
    - Aerospace
    - Technical Textiles

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    Software Management System:

    - ISO Compatibility
    - Elaborate Pilot Software
    - Comprehensive reporting

TopCut 6cm - 8cm -9cm

Automatic conveyor cutting system provided with 6 - 8 -9cm Cutting Head for all types of production. TopCut is a new project capable of accelerating working cycles through both speed and productivity. Applying a mix of technical characteristics and innovative materials enables to reach cutting performances never achieved before. Evo Cut: the simple and intuitive Software makes all cutting parameters setting fast and safe. Eco Power vacuum system that guarantees considerable power saving. Patented high speed sharpening system. Fast Revolution: allows cutting flexibility for all material types. Mectronics Blade Sense: automatic knife deflection correction. Vortec: refrigerated air blade cooling device Remote technical assistance, via WEB, that ensuresjust in time total and constant support to the operator, thus allowing working in complete peace of mind.

Devices for every need

Double Plastic Recover

To optimise Vacuum and save extra energy

Motorised Transfer

Motorised transfer on rails among different spreading tables

Cooling and lubrication system

Cooling or lubrication according to fabric & needs


Drill or spinning punch for holes from 1mm to 18mm

Pneumatic head cover lift

Double movement cover lifter

Tool ISO

ISO Editor image postion, notches, drill, line

TopCut cutting head
  • Dust Vacuum Filter
  • Polythene bar Supports
  • Operator Safety light Indicator
  • Double turbines of 5,5KW




Patented cradle feed spreading system with catcher programmable up to 5 steps, “tension free” for all fabric types from lycra to denim, from jersey to technical textiles. Simple and intuitive interface with visual display on latest generation touch screen. Spreading speed, acceleration and deceleration digitally adjustable. Automatic fabric threading. Fully interchangeable with all spreading devices and accessories. Possibility to spread: face up, face to face, face to face with nap in same direction, tubular fabric, fabric in the wrong side. Operator platform Maximum spreading speed 100mt/min Brushless motors CPS Cutting device without catcher Lay max. height 18cm (14cm with zig-zag ) Electronic control of fabric tension Touch Screen control panel Automatic selvage alignment Automatic management of fabric stop Counter lays per colour and total Automatic device for lay thickness


  • Working Width (Cm)
  • 160
  • 180
  • 200
  • 220
  • Overall dimensions (Cm) Length x Width x Height
  • 142x300x120
  • 142x320x120
  • 142x340x120
  • 142x360x120
  • Weight (Kg)
  • 470
  • 475
  • 480
  • 485
  • Installed Power (kW)
  • 3
  • 3
  • 3
  • 3
  • Average Consumption (kW)
  • 1,8
  • 1,8
  • 1,8
  • 1,8
  • Power supply Tension
  • 380V±10%
  • 380V±10%
  • 380V±10%
  • 380V±10%


Cutter speed regulator for every fabrics Automatic slow-down device Input n° plies to be spread Display n° plies spread/to be spread


Electronic patented cradle with alternated or parallel belts for 50cm diam; 70kg weight rolls Possibility to use different loading devices for fabric rolls up to 150kg weight.


Machines exhibit state-of-the-art Garment Spreading and cutting solutions and advise our Clients on the most suitable option for their business.