ProSpice Technologies has been a leading consultant for garment industry providing state of the art textile spreading, Cutting and Packaging machines as well as providing CAM Software and associate Technologies.

Formed in 2012 by a group of industry veterans with 20+ years of extensive experience, ProSpice has been instrumental in providing just the right consultation and products to improve ROI and sustenance of garment manufacturing units.

More About Us...
  • fabric cutter

    Italian Cutting &
    Spreading technology

    for apparel, technical textiles
    and composites sector

    5KW Avg consumption

    Compressed Cutters
    (2.5cm to 9 cm soft material)

    Spreading machines with
    Patented Electronic Cradle

    for 70Kg to 150Kg fabric rolls

    6-8-9 Fast Revolution

    Tecno Freccia

    Biliardo 25-60-80

    Spreaders:590PLC- 590PLUS

  • Ultra-wide Plotter Printer
    Pattern Cutters
    Hi-Speed Plotters

    Pattern Cutters
    cum Plotters

    Flat-bed Pattern Cutters

    Template Cutter

    Digital Cutter
    thick cardboard

    High Speed Plotters:

    DOT 180
    Ultra wide Printer

  • Production monitoring

    Real-time stat counters
    attached to every machine
    in the sewing line
    Captures Log-In/Out, Bundle Start/End
    displays actual production stats




Automatic conveyor cutting system provided
with 2.5cm- 6cm- 8cm- 9cm Cutting Head
for all types of industrial production.


High Speed Plotting

The Ultra Wide (UWP) DOT Series Printer by TkTbrainpower includes the ultimate in inkjet printing, software control and cutting-edge long-lasting design.

DOT Series
Large Format Plotte

High quality, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable printing machinery.

Low energy consumption, silent operation and quick front loading, compact design ideal for factory/office even in less space

DCT 180-220 High Speed plotter printer
  • info

    Chinese textile machinery for Cutting, washing, dyeing, ironing and screen printing

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    Italy based company providing innovative compact automatic fabric cutting system with minimal energy consumption and reduced costs.

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    Ultra Wide inkjet Printer/Plotter series featuring High Precision Speed Printing for all major CAD suitable systems

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    Award Winning CAD/CAM Software system for the Apparel, Furnishing and Footwear industry


Inkjet Cutting Plotter Flatbed Pattern Cutters Template Cutters Thick Cardboard Cutters Digitizers

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ProSpice Consultation



Providing industry-wide consultation on production process and compliance certification

  1. Compliance
    miesięcznych deklaracji
    w systemie Intrastat
  2. Training
    Training and Competence tracking
  3. Maintenance
    for a smooth operation